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                        "Sahara Tours"

Travel Agency in Lopar on the island of Rab

It is our pleasure to introduce  through our agency our island to you, people, natural beauty, accommodation facilities and other offers and to kindly greet you. Do you wish to spend your vacation comfortably with your family- young or old and you are obssesed with croatian coast with thousands of islands, choose one of the most beautiful pearls- island Rab. Its favorable climate, variety of offers, from cultural heritage to beautiful sandy beaches fascinate on the northern part of the island in Lopar. Once a small fishing agricutural place changed its look in the last 40 years with tourism development. Lopar is with its 22 sandy beaches that surround it a true magnet and every year the number of guests is increasing. We are a small tourist agency which offers a wealth of information related to the whole island and our offer. At our disposal are mainly accommodation in private apartments, family pensions, hotels, tours, rental boats, speed boats, jet-ski and special offers in the form of fishing, diving and hiking. Then local services in form of exchange office, floating schedule, bus timetables, weather forecast etc. We hope that this presentation will inspire you to think about this special plaxe Lopar as a final destination for your vacation and we will be honored to be your contact partner i  the role of good and professional host and provide you everything you expect from us.