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Rent a boat

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Agency „Sahara Tours“ offers you small  boats, length of 4-5 m for 2-5 people and engine of 5 HP. There is a possibility to rent for ½ days, 1 day or longer. Price varies depending on the lenght of rent, it is agreed on the spot. In addition we offer speedboats 50-100 HP with a minimum rental of 3 days onwards. We also note that the speedboats need  a permit for operating the vessel. All our boats for rent have all permissions to navigate, a consession license and insurance and from equipment belts for adults and children, first aid, canopies for shade and a map for orientation. All these vessels provide an ideal opportunity for lovers and families to drive off and see all these mentioned beaches to feel the unforgettable atmosphere of natural mediterannean environment and crystal clear sea.

Rent a jet-ski

We offer you jet-skis volume 50HP, brand Peugeot for 1-2 people. Possible rent for 2 hours, 4 hours, 1 day, 3 days or 1 week. The price ranges from 15€ for 2 hours to 30€ for 1 day or 160€ for the whole week including gas. Please note that by renting a jet-ski you achieve the ideal opportunity to get rid of car driving in the summer crowds and to feel and know all the beauties, lonesome places and or virgin beaches.