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Rab is a part of archipelago in the Kvarner bay on the north of the Adriatic sea. The island has rich and eventful history since the time of Illyrians, Liburns, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Venetians, Hungarians and Croatian rulers. It is testified by the old town of Rab (Felix Arba)  which has the status of the town more than 2000 years.  The old town itself represents the museum of cultural heritage such as Roman city walls, cobbled streets, four towers: St. Mary, St. Andrija,  St. John and St. Justina. Then numerous renaissance palaces, town lodge, prince’s palace, houses, squares and monuments. All this wealth of culture, history and preserved nature is great annexed in a 120 year old tourism tradition. No wonder it has gotten many rewards and recognitions. Important to mention is in 2005 silver award for the European city of flowers " Entente Florale Europe " and award for cultural heritage  " Europa Nostra ". In domestic competition Rab has been rewarded few times with “Blue Flower” and “Tourist flower” and title of Champion of the Republic of Croatian tourism.  During the tourism season the town offers several major events such as “Rab fjera” (25-27 July)-it returns Rab back to the middle ages, Rab Knight Tournament – performance of Rab crossbowmen   09. 05;  25. 06;  26.07: 15. 08. , then Rab Musik nights, art fairs and many folk festivals in all the celebrations. The island has no industry so that the nature is spared from this kind of polution and the population lives mainly from tourism, trade and traditional crafts. We recommend you excellent gastronomic offer of good food and fine wine in first class restaurants. You shouldn't avoid pleasant walks through old town with entertainment in variety of night cafés, buffets, bars etc. On the island are 7 idyllic places such as: Lopar, Supetarska  Draga, Mundanije, Palit, Banjo, Barbat and Kampor.