Lopar bb
51 000 Rab

Tel: +385 51 775 633
Fax: +385 51 775 633


The agency is a member of Croatian National Tourist Board and the Croatian Chamber of Economy. Operations of our agency are based on fair and honest attittude towards room and siut hosts, tourists and foreign partners. We offer quality and reasonable prices for all of our services, ie value for money. We offer the access to all the natural sandy beaches (sea-rent a boat, land-rent a jet-ski), cultural heritage and other events.

Our advantages are:

  • Location of the agency itself
  • Courtesy of the receptive staff
  • Constant contact with customers during their stay and feedback
  • We constantly expand and develope our products and services to satisfy all tasts
  • Respect for our partners and service agreeement
  • Our biggest reward are satisfied customers and buyers who return to us in written or oral tradition.